What does it mean to build the house of God and what part do I play?
We are serving and working for is never in vain. We are working with a great purpose. That means our ministry is not in vain. God says our ministry…
No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening - it's painful. But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.
Sometimes it is hard to know how to respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. In this message we look at a few ways we should start to respond…
Boaz pledged himeself to Ruth, abounding in love. God also pledges himself to us, as He abounds in love....
… when you don’t know what to pray
The Difference Knowing God as a Father makes
A Faith you can THRIVE on!
Do you live as if Jesus has risen from the dead or only when it suits you?

Triumphant Entry

March 25, 2018
Is Jesus Your King?
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