About Missions

Our Church is quite involved in mission work all over the world, sharing God’s word and assisting in His kingdom’s growth.


Solomon Islands400594_1455155821370071_1020793872_n

David Collins, our missionary to the Solomon Islands is training up local pastors and leaders in God’s word, building strong foundations for the Wesleyan Methodist Church of the Solomon Islands.

“As I look back over the years, I believe God has been preparing me to serve Him in cross-cultural ministry all my life. In more recent years, this has become clearer as I’ve become involved in short-term mission trips to various Pacific nations.

In living in the Solomon Islands, my vision is to equip and empower leaders, who will develop effective theological education through the new ministry training centre being established at Noro, on the island of New Georgia.” – David Collins

We have had multiple trips to the Solomon Islands as a church where we have connected with the church there, helping with training events and conferences.


Papua New Guinea10537414_531764110259672_5452637364402299107_o

The Floyds, our missionaries to PNG are partnering with Churches and Communities through Community Development, Ministries of Compassion and Leadership Empowerment, building foundations for the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Papua New Guinea.

“We are lay missionaries (non-ministerial or non-clergy). Don is a trained carpenter and building contractor from Australia. Cheri has a biology degree from America. We met here in Papua New Guinea as mission volunteers in the 1980’s. We married and began full-time service in PNG in 1991.”


Sri Lanka

We support the Wesleyan Church of Sri Lanka and the local pastors God has raised up in this majority Buddhist nation.  We are privileged to support a particular local village church there in prayer and finances.

Pastor Stuart has visited the churches in Sri Lanka on two occasions, teaching at conferences and connecting with the leaders there.


Woorabinda QLD10659280_707797842642964_8231486970291250802_n

Pastor Shea and Leonie Taylor and the One Mob Woorabinda Wesleyan Church are such a light to their community. One Mob Fellowship is a Wesleyan Methodist Church which was planted in the Aboriginal Community of Woorabinda in March 2010. We support this fellowship and have seen God work in mighty ways in this place.

In 2012 we sent a team to Woorabinda to assist the local leaders in running a children’s holiday program and connect with the community.  Today the local Wesleyan Methodist Church oversees a thriving children’s ministry in this community.


Religious Education

Pastor Stuart and Kay Nicol are currently involved in Religious Instruction in schools. This has lead to a greater reach into our community and provided spiritual and social assistance within these places.